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₹ 5 CRORE GRANT each, in the categories of Environment, Health & Education to HCLTech Grant winners for a 4 year project.
₹25 Lakhs Grant each, to the HCLTech Grant runner-ups in each category.


A unique aspect of the HCLTech Grant is that the organisations are recognized not only based on the “idea”, but also for their power to transform these ideas into reality and thereby, transforming Rural India.

HCLTech Grant awards the winning NGOs in each of the categories of Environment, Health and Education, a grant of ₹ 5 Crore (~US$0.65 Million) for a 4 years’ project. The 2 other runner ups in each category receive a grant of ₹ 25 lakhs (~US$0.03 Million) for a year-long project which is mutually agreed with HCLFoundation after the final Jury meet. Thus, the total committed fund for HCLTech Grant Edition X is ₹16.5 Crores (~US$2.2 Million), for 9 finalists NGOs( 3 winners receives ₹ 5 Crore each and 6 runner-ups receive ₹ 25 lakhs each in the category of Environment, Health & Education).  Besides this, each year, work of top 30 shortlisted NGOs, 10 per category ; their innovative rural development models and best practices are featured in The Fifth Estate – The HCLTech Grant Compendium – Volume I to VIII . This is possibly the first-ever, sector-wide, comprehensive compendium of highly credible NGOs, highlighting their proposals submitted for HCLTech Grant, striving towards the empowerment of rural India. Each one of these case studies are examples of best practices in areas of environment, health and education, with evidence of meaningful transformation in the rural belt of this diverse nation.

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HCLTech Grant aims to achieve sustainable rural development by supporting NGOs that are doing path-breaking work, anywhere in India. HCLTech Grant has following specific objectives:

  • Award financial Grant to innovative, replicable, scalable, sustainable & time-bound projects, proposed by NGOs which are committed towards transformative rural development, in the categories of Environment, Health & Education.
  • Identify NGOs that have made significant impact in rural transformation and publish a compendium capturing work of these NGOs, such that they become globally visible for their efforts.

The thematic grant categories

The HCLTech Grant is awarded under 3 thematic categories - Environment, Health and Education. Below is an indicative list of sub-thematic areas that may be proposed to seek funding under HCLTech Grant.

*Please note: This is not a comprehensive list and is meant to give NGOs a broad idea of the sub-themes that fall under the purview of HCLTech Grant
  • Conservation of environment, the indigenous flora and fauna.
  • Access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and clean energy for all.
  • Combating climate change and its impact.
  • Protecting, restoring, and promoting sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystem and wetlands
  • Conservation of natural water bodies, including river rejuvenation, oceans, natural springs, lakes and others.
  • Combating desertification, deforestation, land degradation, biodiversity loss, pollution and promoting use of renewable resources. (Please note – proposals that come from agriculture domain only, without any environmental impact, will not be considered under Environment category)
  • Wildlife conservation and preservation.

HCLTech Grant complements and contributes to National priorities & Sustainable Development Goals. Inclusive and gender transformative approaches are encouraged and prioritized under the screening process.

  • Equitable & Universal access to Health for all segments of population.
  • Access to clean drinking water, sanitation and hygiene facilities, prevention and elimination of water borne diseases.
  • Maternal, adolescent, child health, nutrition and eradication of communicable and non-communicable diseases.
  • Mental health promotion, prevention, treatment and inclusion of persons affected by mental illness.

HCLTech Grant complements and contributes to National Priorities & Sustainable Development Goals. Inclusion and Gender-Transformative approaches are underlying principles for HCLTech Grant.

  • Right to Education for All by upscaling initiatives that strengthen Early Childhood Care & Development (ECCD), Elementary, Secondary, Higher Education, Adult Literacy & Inclusive Special Education
  • Education that promotes learning opportunities through skill development and confidence building, including digital literacy.
  • Education that leads to better livelihood opportunities and improved income & better living for young people and adults.
  • Holistic education that encompasses co-scholastics such as sports, art and craft, performing & fine arts, promotion of culture, orientation on national heritage, theatre, provides opportunity for not only overall development but also sustainable livelihoods.
  • Equitable, inclusive, technology enabled and relevant quality education, leading to gender equality and human resource development.
  • Education that emphasizes the development of Digital Literacy skills and a deeper understanding of STEM concepts to promote experiential and inquiry-based learning.

HCLTech Grant aligns with the objectives of National Education Policy 2020  and the Sustainable Development Goals.
HCLTech Grant is built on the foundation of inclusion and gender transformative approaches, which are the driving forces behind the program's underlying principles.


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