Uday is HCLFoundation’s Urban CSR programme, essentially operational in cities where HCL has a presence. HCL addresses its corporate social responsibility towards its immediate neighbourhood through this programme.

Taking cognizance of the fact that migration and displacement are unstoppable phenomenon, and rate of urbanisation is fast increasing, Uday reaches out to areas that are often faced with challenges of urbanisation and inability of communities to be able to cope up. It works towards equitable and sustainable development of the communities living below poverty line in the Urban area. This includes children and families living on streets, working children, migrant workers and displaced people living in urban slums, people in all age groups out of care, including old people.

Aligned to HCLFoundation’s vision statement, Uday also aims to create source codes for urban socio-economic development, prototypes, using step by step approach, convergence and dialogue with duty bearers such that these can be adopted and scaled up by diverse set stakeholders, including communities themselves. Uday addresses vital issues prevalent in urban areas like access to quality education, universal access to health, sustainable livelihood opportunities, improved water, sanitation and hygiene, environmental conservation including enhanced green cover and solutions to city waste, through campaigns and on ground action for positive urban transformation. Child protective strategies, inclusion and gender transformative approaches remain fundamental.

Uday is implemented in partnership with government, like minded NGOs, urban communities and HCL’s own Power of 1 – Community Champions in close coordination by HCLFoundation, using well committed CSR funds by HCL.

Aligned to the SDGs and National Missions, HCLFoundation through its flagship urban community development programme – Uday – is tackling the challenges of urban poverty. Implementing strategies that target the most vulnerable citizen, it is creating linkages with state services and actively plugging gaps, ensuring the poor have a fighting chance for a life of dignity and self-respect.

With a vision of clean, green healthy communities, Uday is working to break the cycle of urban poverty. Defining Uday’s approach is its intrinsic belief that urban poor aspire to a life of dignity and self-respect. With the right opportunities, the poor take charge of their lives, dare to imagine a different future and work towards it. Echoed across all interventions under Uday, this raison d’etre sets the community on the path of resilience and success. HCL Employee engagement and participation is a key lever that spans across all programmes.

Uday’s unique ‘Convergence’ approach brings this philosophy to life. Uniting critical stakeholders– the state, non-profits and HCL volunteers in a rich partnership, it meets its responsibility to the community and supports them in realising their dreams.

Currently, Uday is being implemented in 11 cities in partnership with like-minded organisations.

Defined by 3 C’s, Uday is:

Comprehensive: the intervention targets critical areas of a person’s well-being - health, education, sports, livelihoods and skilling, environment, disaster reduction and sports for change.

Continuous: takes a life-cycle approach. Uday walks with the community through all stages – infancy, early childhood, adolescence, adulthood and old age.

Collaborative: taking the approach of convergence, it brings communities, non-profits, local and district governments and HCL employees together, leveraging the strength of each stakeholder for the greater good.

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