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                                                 S Madhavan

                                                  Member –  CSR  Committee
                                                  Chairperson  – Audit Committee,
                                                  Risk Management  Committee,
                                                  Stakeholders  Committee &  Finance Committee

 Roshni Nadar Malhotra         The last two years have taught us the power of resilience. Showing
                               remarkable grit and fortitude, our communities stood with us, as
 Chairperson, HCLTech
                               we fought one of greatest crises that mankind has known.
 Trustee, Shiv Nadar  Foundation
 Founder, The  Habitats  Trust
                               Their resilience, and faith in us, is a testimony to the agility and

 As we finally begin to emerge from the hardships inflicted   strength of our source codes for community development.
 by the pandemic, I am overwhelmed by a profound sense

 of gratitude. The solidity of our source codes stands validated.
 Far from slowing down, we accelerated our work.
                         Dr. Mohan Chellappa

 Advancing opportunities, our five flagship programmes and   President  Emeritus, Global  Ventures,
 special initiatives have helped transform over 3 million lives.   Johns  Hopkins  Medicine International

 Creating meaningful partnerships with over 200 NGOs,   Member –  CSR  Committee & Nomination
                         and Remuneration Committee
 we have delivered impact in 158 districts. Of these, 11 are

 aspirational districts.
                               Reaching almost every corner of India, our source codes
 Aligned to the global ESG framework, we are scaling   are ushering in hope. Creating harmony between people
 our efforts, determined to break the cycle of poverty   and planet, they are ensuring that every Indian has a

 in all its forms.             fighting chance to live a life of prosperity, dignity and
 Our source codes are built for this challenge. Fighting for
 equity, inclusion and a green and healthy planet, they will
 leave no one behind.

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