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CODIFYING  THE  CHANGE  PROCESS,                                                                                                               Yuvakendras and skill raths are promoting entrepreneurship, financial

                                                                                                                                                                   security and women empowerment. My E-Haat and Samuday Craft are
                    SOURCE  CODES  IN  ACTION                                                                                                                      galvanizing the artisanal economy.

                                                                                                                                                                   Backed by evidence and built on empathy, respect, inclusion and
                      A lexicon in technology companies, ‘source codes’ are the foundation                                                                         diversity, our source codes are driving change. Positively impacting
                      of every computer programme, every app we use.                                                                                               lives and spreading smiles, they are making this world a better place,
                                                                                                                                                                   in all possible ways.
                      As the CSR arm of HCL Technologies, we asked ourselves, is it possible

                      to create source codes that solve socio-economic and environmental
                      problems, at scale?

                      Codifying innovations, processes and outcomes, we designed
                      blueprints of impact. Investing time and resources, we incubated

                      and tested them in different geographies, with full participation
                      of rural and urban communities.

                      Today, each programme, each special initiative and indeed each
                      intervention, is a source code by itself.

                      Rising to the challenge of climate change, our afforestation efforts
                      are bolstered by the Miyawaki technique; pond islands help avian
                      population flourish; pollutants are being removed from the
                      environment through phytoremediation and bioremediation methods.

                      Committed to every life thriving, our high-end health initiatives
                      are ensuring zero maternal mortalities in remote areas. Contraceptive
                      depots, anaemia screening tools, home-based telemedicine, support
                      public health care systems, while nutrition gardens help families
                      eat healthy.

                      Creating safe spaces, our source codes are breaking gender barriers.
                      Winning laurels, more girls are participating in sports, including football
                      and cricket. Their hard-won confidence as precious as their medals.

                      Nanhe Parinde, Happy Schools, Gurukuls, Pados Pathshalas, Sakshar
                      Samuday, Police Boys and Girls clubs are increasing learning levels.

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