Recognizing and strengthening the Fifth Estate: NGOs transforming rural India

The growth and development of our nation has been built on the four estates – the legislature, judiciary, executive and media. The HCL Grant is a recognition of the rise of the Fifth Estate – Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs). The Fifth Estate have now become critical agents of change who play a decisive role in building a stronger, future-ready India.

Started in 2015, as a CSR commitment by HCL, the Grant aims to strengthen and build the capacity of path-breaking NGOs working in the areas of health, education and environment. The Grant is designed to support NGOs that reach out to marginalized, isolated and underdeveloped or developing rural communities, and work jointly to achieve sustainable socio-economic development. This year, through this Grant, HCL will award maximum of up to ₹ 5 Crores (~$ 750,000.) for a five year project, in each Thematic Category

The HCL Grant has two key objectives:

1. Financially support innovative and replicable projects put forward by NGOs committed towards transformative rural development every year, one each, in the respective thematic categories of education, health and environment

2. Identify the best NGOs who have made significant impact in rural transformation, and publish a compendium of these NGOs to provide them international visibility

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