HCL Uday is HCL Foundation’s Urban CSR program, essentially operational in cities where HCL has a presence. HCL addresses its corporate social responsibility towards its immediate neighbourhood through this program.

Taking cognizance of the fact that migration and displacement are unstoppable phenomenon, and rate of urbanisation is fast increasing, HCL Uday reaches out to areas that are often faced with challenges of urbanisation and inability of communities to be able to cope up.  It works towards equitable and sustainable development of the communities living below poverty line in the Urban area. This includes children and families living on streets, working children, migrant workers and displaced people living in urban slums, people in all age groups out of care, including old people. 

Aligned to HCL Foundation’s vision statement, HCL Uday also aims to create source codes for urban socio-economic development, prototypes, using step by step approach, convergence and dialogue with duty bearers such that these can be adopted and scaled up by diverse set stakeholders, including communities themselves. HCL Uday addresses vital issues prevalent in urban areas like access to quality education, universal access to health, sustainable livelihood opportunities, improved water, sanitation and hygiene, environmental conservation including enhanced green cover and solutions to city waste, through campaigns and on ground action for positive urban transformation. Child protective strategies, inclusion and gender transformative approaches remain fundamental.

HCL Uday is implemented in partnership with government, like minded NGOs, urban communities and HCL’s own Power of 1 – Community Champions in close coordination by HCL Foundation, using well committed CSR funds by HCL.


Enlisted as one of the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) in its “Mission 2030”, convergences and partnerships are recognized at HCL Foundation as indispensable to socio-economic growth. The knowledge, expertise and capacities of NGOs and corporations are both distinct and complementary; and HCL Foundation has created various platforms to discuss, strategize and celebrate partnerships. Project Convergence Meets, Stakeholder Meetings, MoUs with State Departments, Pan-India Symposiums on CSR and Annual NGO Partner Meets are some such forums through which HCL Foundation has successfully demonstrated the power of partnerships for creating a strong governance and accountability system.


Our programs follow an Integrated Community Development Approach (ICDA) to design inclusive and sustainable community based solutions through interventions focused on Education, Health (including WASH), Livelihood and Environment using the Life Cycle Approach to break the cycle of poverty. 

Quality Education - Learning that Empowers

Through interventions across early, primary, secondary, adult, digital, sports and civic education, HCL Foundation fosters human resource development. Our programmes address all stages of life, including imparting soft-skills that are needed for better quality of life.

HCL Foundation invests in innovative, technology-led education for children, youth and adults and promotes education that is gender transformative, inclusive for all and respects safe spaces for children.

  • Early Childhood Care & Development – Strengthening Aanganwadi Centres (Early Stimulation and School Readiness)
  • Quality Enhancement of State Schools – ‘My School’ (Improving enrolment and learning outcomes of students through interventions across 4 domains – (i) Infrastructure Strengthening (child friendly, inclusive spaces); (ii) Creating Dynamic Learning Spaces (trainings & capacity building sessions); (iii) Strengthening Leadership & Management (creating a participatory form of management including all stakeholders – principal, teachers, students, parents, SMC members, community); (iv) Community Engagement & Participation
  • Bridge and Remedial Education – Gurukuls (Preparing out of school children for school, mainstreaming and remedial support)
  • Scholarship for meritorious students – ‘My Scholar’
  • Inclusion & Child Protection
  • Digital Platforms for strengthening learning

Skill Development - Earning with Dignity

The skilling initiatives of HCL Foundation focus on employable skill training for local communities, especially youth and women; creating micro-enterprise opportunities for young women and men, including seed loans; and building capacity of the trainers. 

Targeted at youth and women in urban areas, HCL Foundation’s skilling initiatives aim to promote sustainable livelihood opportunities that create strong and self-reliant people and communities. This is achieved through a variety of vocational and entrepreneurial subjects, that lead to dignified work opportunities. 

  • Employable Skill Training for local communities, especially youth – Yuvakendra
  • Micro-Enterprise Opportunities for young women and men, including seed-loans
  • Capacity Building of Trainers

Health & WASH - Healthcare and Wellbeing

HCL Foundation invests in health and well-being at all stages of the life, that leads to enhanced opportunities to lead a high quality life for all and reduction of disease burden. We aim to achieve equitable, universal access to health for all. We also promote access to potable water, sanitation and hygiene and work towards combating malnutrition.

  • Strengthening of Urban CHCs, PHCs, Health Camps in collaboration with NUHM
  • Promoting Adolescent Reproductive Health
  • Combating Malnutrition
  • Combating Vector-Borne and Water-Borne Diseases
  • Gender Sensitization of eligible couples and extended communities
  • School and Community based WASH and Solid Waste Management

Environment Conservation - The Way of Life

Preserving the planet is a critical priority for HCL Foundation. Access to clean air, water, energy; soil, flora and fauna, terrestrial ecosystem conservation; environmentally responsible practices at all levels; Combating desertification, deforestation, land degradation, biodiversity loss, pollution and promoting use of renewable are some of the core focus areas of our work.

Afforestation, Avenue Plantation, Plantation Drives in School, Hospitals and other public facilities, Waste Management including community managed waste water treatment plants, Green Energy for Gurukuls and Public Health Centres and Disaster Preparedness (Combating Floods) are some of the interventions taken up HCL Foundation towards the goal of environment conservation.

Humanitarian Action - Standing with Communities in Need

Natural and man-made disasters are a regular, albeit unpredictable part of life. As the world faces intensifying climate change, weather-related disasters are expected to grow. Responding to these, requires the effort and coordination of many stakeholders—from government and communities to NGOs and business. And when disaster strikes, HCL Foundation coordinates resources to provide humanitarian aid to employees and communities in need and supports ‘building back.’ 


My Community – HCL Foundation’s endeavours in the urban slum communities are grouped under the ‘My Community’ rubric. Through this unique model, HCL Foundation address diverse social issues for the same vulnerable population in an integrated manner. The model also involves improving access of existing government service delivery points, by entering into strategic MoUs with relevant government departments. The model is designed in a way to ensure that the target population experiences holistic development, and is educated, healthy, adequately skilled and lives in a healthy environment.

My School - State School Quality upgradation project under the ambit of Right to Education leading to improvement in enrolment, attendance and learning outcomes of students. This is achieved through a participatory model of school development which includes building capacities of all relevant stakeholders in the school’s ecosystem.

My Scholar - Sustainable career development project for students from weaker economic backgrounds. Under this project, HCL Foundation provides long-term scholarship and mentoring support to meritorious and talented students from HCL project locations and children of HCL’s support staff. The scholarship is funded through Power of One – HCL’s payroll giving program and driven by HCL employees who provide mentoring support to the scholars.

My Worth – the program uses a self-efficacy model to empower and enable young girls and boys towards self-reliance through a gender transformative approach.

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